The Eddie Khanna SDOAR


From RIP KIRBY VOL 2 pg. 17 

An episode from the 20th Century Radio Serial BROADWAY IS MY BEAT, broadcast on Nov 17, 1951; strange foreshadowings of the Sep 6, 1956 crash that would occur 4 years later.

Cover to IDW's RIP KIRBY Vol. 4: The Complete Strips 1954 - 1956, published 2011. Featuring Desmond the Butler. Pagan Lee, Honey Dorian, and Rip Kirby

Photo of Laurence Olivier, Vivian Leigh (who played Scarlett O'Hara in the movie version of GWTW), Marilyn Monroe, and Arthur Miller in London, England July 14, 1956, just under two months before the September 6 crash 

Photo of Walt Disney, circa 1937

Fingers Moray in RIP KIRBY 23 Jan 1947

RIP KIRBY article in Des Moines Tribune 2 JAN 1950

to be continued ...